Maharishi organisation launches various products of ‘Maha Herbals Maha Nature’ series

Maharishi organisation launches various products of ‘Maha Herbals Maha Nature’ series

BHOPAL [Maha Media]: On the auspicious occasion of Maha Navami and Dussehra, Maharishi organization launched ‘Maha Nature’ and ‘Maha Herbals’‘s products at 'Maharishi Herbal Pharmacy and Research Center' in Bhopal on Sunday. Due to Covid-19, the global interest in herbal and Ayurvedic products has increased, which is why the Maharishi Organisation has launched its product for people to improve their immunity levels to be able to fight infections.

Believing in the strong foundation of Ayruveda and organic products, the ‘Maha Natures’ and ‘Maha Herbal’ aim is to provide its product in supreme quality at reasonable price across India and beyond.

The range of ‘Maha Nature’ and ‘Maha Herbals’s product is packed with the qualities that will help one to attain a healthy body and build a strong immune system against various diseases.

In the august presence of Brahmachari Girish Ji, Chairman of Maharishi Vidya Mandir Schools Group, the programme started with Guru Pooja, in which Vedic mantras were chanted by Vedic pundits.

Addressing the huge gathering, Brahmachari Girish Ji said that all the products of our ‘Maha Nature’ and ‘Maha Herbals are made under strict supervision of experts. In the initial phase, we have started production of many Ayurvedic pills, powders and oils etc.  And the organisation is going to start producing organic grains and other organic food product soon. Brahmachari Ji said that the important thing about traditional herbal and Ayurveda products is that no disease enters the body due to their continuous use, which keeps the person always healthy.

On this occasion, Director of CPR V. R. Khare and Director MHPRC Gulshan Chawala said that today a dream of Maharishi ji has been fulfilled and to fulfill this Honorable Girish ji has given his full contribution. He informed that all types of natural products will also be launched in the coming days. He also said that the Maharishi Organisation is now going to enter the field of other organic food and pure Khadi as well.

Along with the members of Maharishi Organization, large number of villagers from nearby villages participated in this program.

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