WHO hails Modi’s ‘janata curfew’ initiative

WHO hails Modi’s ‘janata curfew’ initiative

NEW DELHI [Maha Media]:  Henk Bekedam, the World Health Organization's (WHO) India representative, hailed Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 'janata curfew' initiative which will come into effect for a day on Sunday.

"We welcome Prime Minister's call for a janata curfew and adopting social distancing. Effective implementation of the strategy will go a long way in controlling the spread of the virus," Bekedam said in a statement released by the WHO after Modi's address to the nation on Thursday evening.A

"Along with hand-hygiene, coughing and sneezing in one's sleeves prevents transmission. These measures, together Awith social distancing can be effective in containing transmission. Even as we maintain social distancing, it is equally vital to stand together in solidarity to overcome this challenge," Bekedam added.

In the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday urged the people of the country to opt for the 'janata curfew' on Sunday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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